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zhejiang guangci donated to the general hospital of the armed police in laos -pg电子试玩入口

date:2016-10-12 14:15:30   click:8794

to strengthen the comprehensive partnership of mutual trust, mutual assistance and mutual benefit between the two countries, to provide better medical services for the lao people, on september 20 by the shanghai youth league committee, the shanghai youth volunteers association and other relevant units of coordination, (shanghai) medical equipment co., ltd. and other units, to the lao people's democratic republic armed police general hospital donated a number of orthopedic medical equipment, operating room materials and orthopedic medical technology (figure), the shanghai sixth people's hospital, zhejiang guangci medical devices co., ltd., training courses, the total value of about 3.5 million yuan. during this period by the lao ministry of public security vice minister, the chinese embassy in laos embassy and others warm reception, and held a donation ceremony. which my company to the lao people's democratic republic of the armed police general hospital donated more than 207 million worth of medical equipment.