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metal locking plate plate nail system registration certificate change was approved by cfda -pg电子试玩入口

date:2015-12-31 14:08:20   click:5806

december 30, 2015, guangci medical devices co., ltd. metal lock bone plate plate and nail system registration certificate (registration certificate number: state standard) 20143462306 change obtained by the certification of cfda, the change has increased the combination of holes, to the hole form.

the product is suitable for patients with limb fractures, the product from the locking plate, locking screws, sealing screws. locking plate includes straight and shaped two forms. the locking screws include taper thread locking screws, common thread locking screws and universal locking screws.

the registration of the change through, and further enriched the company's product categories, to speed up the product changes. i believe that with the listing of products, limbs will provide patients with better use of feelings. guangci company will continue to uphold the excellence, innovation and breakthrough in the spirit of providing patients with safe and reliable medical device products.