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1.this ________(河流)is very ________(宽的).

2.she's ________(相当的)___________(擅长)english.

3.were you on the _________(第二)_________(楼层)?

4.what ________(天,日子)is _____(在之后)monday?

5.we will pick ________(苹果)and __________(橘子).


( ) 1. amy is _____ shy .

a. a bit b. bit c. little

( ) 2. will you go too? no, i _____.

a. willn't b. won't c. am not .

( ) 3.she's quite good ______english .

a. for b. in c. at

( ) 4. wlill you play with ____ this weekend ?

a. me b. he c. she

( ) 5. peaches _____ my favourite fruit .

a. is b. are c. at

( ) 6. i will see lots of _______in the countryside.

a. duck b. pigs c. tiger

( ) 7. this girl is helpful. she’s going to _______ you.

a. help b. helps c. helping

( ) 8.he ______in the countryside.

a. live b. lives c. lived

( ) 9. look at the peaches ____ these trees !

a. in b. at c. on

( ) 10. he ‘ll be _____ astronaut .

a. a b. an c. the


( ) many children are there in your class? a.he’s very clever.

( )2.will you take your kite to the picnic tomorrow?, i won’t .

( )3.what’s xiaoyong like ? c.maybe i’ll be a writer.

( )4.what will you be? d.yes, we were.

( )5.were you on the second floor ? e.there are fifty.


maybe amy will go to the zoo this weekend.she will see lions ,tigers and pandas. sam will go to the zoo,too. maybe daming will visit his grandpa in the countryside. he will see lots of pigs and cows. but lingling won’t go . lingling will go to the supermarket.

( )1.amy will go to the park.

( )2.amy will see lions , tigers and pandas.

( )3.daming will visit his grandpa.

( )4.daming will see lots of cats.

( )5.lingling won’t go to the supermarket.



1.书包   2. 书   4.钟   5.修正带   6.钥匙

7.男人   8.女孩   9.男孩   10.一   11.二   12.三

13.小汽车   14.公共汽车   15.自行车   16.书桌   17.椅子   18.床


1. my family photo

2.find her crayon

3. how many cinemas

4. in the bathroom

5. his new friend

6. put the camera on the computer

7. some milk

8. twelve plus six

9. in the kitchen

10. twenty radios


( ) 1. — she? —she is in the dining-room.

a. whos   b. whats   c. wheres

( )2. — , this is my family photo. —its nice.

a. look at   b. see   c. look

( )3. — is she your ? —yes, _____ is.

a. uncle /he   b. aunt /she   c. sister/ it

( )4. whats thirteen five? its eight.

a. plus   b. minus   c. and

( )5. have a look? all right.

a. lets   b. its time to   c. shall we

( )6.— ! whats this on the table? —its a toy plane.

a. sorry   b. excuse me   c. thank you

( )7. —i cant ______my rubber. wheres _______?

a.look / it   b.find / she   c.find / it

( )8. —time to go to bed. —

a. ok. goodbye.   b. ok. good night.   c. how are you?

( )9. — ?—its eight.

a. whats the time?   b. whats thirteen minus four?  c. whats that?

( )10. —is this a ? — no, its a watermelon.

a. watermelon   b. pineapple   c.woman


( )1、当你想叫别人过来时,你说:

a. come in, please.   b. come here, please.   c. excuse me.

( )2、别人夸奖你的衣服很漂亮,你应该说:

a. thank you.   b. yes, it is.   c. no, it isnt.

( )3、通过别人的回答,你弄明白了,你应说:

a. thats all right.   b. oh, i see.   c. thank you.

( )4、你现在可以看电视。应这样说:

a. you can watch tv.

b. shall we watch tv?   c. you can watch tv now.

( )5、当你找不到格林夫人,你可以问:

a. wheres miss green.

b. i cant find mr green.   c. wheres mrs green?

( ) 6、当你找不到你的朋友时,你可以说:

a. i cant find my friend.   b. wheres my friend?   c.this is my friend.

( ) 7、现在已是晚上9:30了,爸爸对你说:

a. its time to get up.   b. time to have lunch.   c. its time to go to bed.

( ) 8、你想知道这个东西用英语怎么表达,问:

a. whats this in the box?

b. whats this in english?   c.whats that in english?

( ) 9、你想问别人他是不是你的爷爷:

a. hes your grandfather.

b. is she your grandmother? he your grandfather?

( ) 10、你想知道在那边的女人是谁,问:

a. whos that man?   b. whos this woman?   c. whos that woman?



( )1、a. car b. plane c. crayon

( )2、a. rabbit b. red c. bear

( )3、a. seven b. milk c. eight

( )4、a. hamburger b. hot dog c. balloon


1、here you are. thank you.____________________。

2、i like hot dogs. _____________________________________。

3、can i have some milk?________________________

4、happy birthday to you!____________________________!

5、how are you? fine, thank you.________________________。

6、how old are you?__________________________________?


1、what’s your name? a、4.

2、may i have a look? b、my name’s john.

3、nice to meet you. c、you ’re welcome.

4、thank you. d、i’m from china.

5、how many balloons? e、nice to meet you, too.

6、where are you from? f、sure,here you are.


①three ②one ③four ④nine ⑤seven

⑥two ⑦eight ⑧ten ⑨six ⑩five

( )→( ) →( )→( )→( )→( )→( )→( )→( )→( )


( )1、早上向某人问好,应该说__________

a、how are you ? b、good morning ! c、hello !

( )2、怎么样用英文询问对方的`姓名___________________

a、hello ! b、what’s your name ? c、my name’s chen jie .

( )3、你想向别人介绍你的朋友john,应该说_________________

a、hello! i’m john . b、hi! john . c、this is john .

( )4、与别人道别时,我们应该说______________________

a、hello! b、good morning ! c、see you .

( )5、有人对你说what’s your name ?如果你是li ming , 应该回答____

a、i’m li ming . b、hello ! li ming . c、this is li ming .


john: i like hot dogs.

amy: i like french fries .

mom: ok! here you are . hot dogs and french fries .

john,amy: thank you .

amy: i like bread .

john: me too.

mom: ok! have some bread.

john,amy: thank you .mom.

mom: you’re welcome.

( )1、amy likes hot dogs.

( )2、john likes bread.

( )3、they don’t like french fries.

( )4、they have some bread.

( )5、mom likes chicken.