1.b ) it was warm and comfortable .

2.b ) she misses her roommates she used to complain about .

3.c ) he had a similar feeling to the woman ' s .

4.a ) go to see the woman ' s apartment .

5.d ) he has published a book recently .

6.c ) it has not prepared young people for the jobi ja market .

7.a ) more of the budget should go to science and technology .

8.d ) cultivate better citizens .

9. a ) it is quite common .

10. b ) engaging in regular contemplation .

11. d ) reflecting during ones relaxation .

12. c ) there existed post offices .

13. d ) it kept people in the deserts and plains connected .

14. b ) it commissioned private wagons to carry the mail .

15. c ) he examined its historical trends with data science .

16. a ) higher levels of anxiety may improve people ' s memory .

17.c ) they measured the participants ' anxiety levels . sp

18. b ) extreme levels of anxiety can adversely affect cognitive performance .

19. d ) they expect to get instantaneous responses to their inquiry .

20. c ) speaking directly to their emotions .

21.b ) keep up with the latest technological developments .

22. d )- friendships benefit work .

23. a ) the impact of friends on people ' s self - esteem .

24. d ) they increase people ' s job satisfaction .

25. a ) allow employees to have a flexible work schedule .


1.a) she is drawn to its integration of design andengineering .

2.d) through hard work 

3.c) it is long - lasting .

4.a) computer science .

5.b) he is well known to the public .

6.d) serve as a personal assistant .

7.d) he has little previous work experience .

8.c) he has a high proficiency in several languages .

9.a) they have fewer rules and pressures .

10.b) they rob kids of the chance to cultivate their courage .

11.c) let them participate in some less risky outdooractivities .

12.b) tech firms intentionally design products to have shortlifespans 

13.c) list a repairability score of their products .

14.d) take the initiative to reduce e lectronie waste .

15.a) it can be solved .

16.b) how to prevent employees from cyberloafing .17.c) cyberloafing may relieve employees of stress .

18.a) taking mini - breaks means better job performance 

19.d) there were no trees .

20.b) he founded a newspaper and used it to promote hisideas .

21.c) one million trees were planted throughout nebraska 

22.b) they moved out of africa about 60,000 years ago .

23.d) the discovery of two modern human teeth in china .

24.a) there must have been some reason for humanmigration .

25.d) what path modern humans took to migrate out of africa



scientists recently examined studies on dog intelligence ..

26.n surpass 

27.k previously 

28.o volumn 

29.m prove 

30.a affirmed 

31.g formidable 

32.d differentiate 

33.e distinct 

34.c completely 

35.i overstated 


imagine sitting down to a big dinner ...

26.h indulging 

27.i innumerable 

28.j morality 

29.a attributes 

30.k odds 

31.m regulatory 

32.g inclined 

33.n still 

34.e diminishing 

35.b comprised 


you might not know yourself as wellasyouthink ...

26.l relatively 

27.i probes 

28.a activated 

29.k recall 

30.d consecutive 

31.c assessment 

32.g discrepancy 

33.e cues 

34.j random 

35.o terminate 



36-40 gdjhb

41-45 iclen

36.【 g 】 with only 26 students ...

37.【 d 】i’ve had the priviledge of

38.【 j 】 the average tuition at a small ...

39.【 h 】" living in close community ..

40.【 b 】 in higher education the trend ...

41.【 i 】 sterling collegein craftsbury common ..

42.【 c 】 tiny colleges focus not just on mi

43.【 l 】 the " trick " to making tiny colleges ...

44.【 e 】 having just retired from teaching at a ...

45.【 n 】 the ultimate justification for a tiny college……


36-40 cgaif

41-45 kdmbh

36【 c 】 defoe ' s masterpiece , which is often ..

37【 g 】 there are multiple explanations ...

38【 a 】 gratitude may be more beneficiasm

39【 i 】 of course , act of kindness can also ...

40【 f 】 recent scientific studies support .

41【 k 】 reflecting on generosity and gratitude ...

42【 d 】 when we focus on the things ....

43【 m 】when defoe depicted robinson ...

44【 b 】 while this research into ...

45【 h 】 gratitude also tends to strengthens a sense



36-40 eafch

41-45 biekg

36.【 e 】 curran describes socilly prescibed .

37.【 a 】 when psychologist jessica pryor ...

38.【 f 】 perfectionism can , of course , be ...

39.【 c 】 what ' s more , perfectionism ...

40.【 h 】 while educators and parents have ...

41.【 b 】 along with other therapists ...

42.【 i 】 bach , who sees many students ....

43.【 e 】 curan describes socially prescribed …

44.【 k 】 brustein likes to get his perfectionist clients to create ...

45.【 g 】 brustein says his perfectionist clients ...



in recent years, the chinese cities have accelerated their development, considerably improving the living environmentof their citizens. many cities explore with great efforts the path to high-quality development with chinese characteris-tics, with urban functions continuously improved and man-agement levels conspicuously raised. china ceaselessly con-ducts urban ecological restoration and functional repair,fully implements the renovation of old residential communi-ties, vigorously promotes urban landscaping, reduces pollu-tion, forcefully advances the systematic construction of urban infrastructure, and carries out the general survey of houses and public facilities as well as the investigation and prevention of potential safety hazard so as to create a high-quality dwelling environment for citizens and make the city prettier, safer and more suitable for living.



in recent years, more and more chinese culture products have appeared on the global market and gradually gained the favour of overseas consumers. with the rapid develop-ment of foreign culture trade, the export volume of chinese culture products has been ranking high in the world for many years in a row, contributing to the establishment of a series of chinese culture products and brands with interna-tional influence. statistics show that the sales volume of thechinese publications, films and tv programmes, internet lit-erature and cartoon products has been on the rise for years.the chinese government has introduced a series of policies to support and encourage more outstanding culture prod-ucts with chinese elements to go abroad and expand the oversea market shares to further raise the global influenceof chinese cultures.



with the rapid development of china ' s economy and the steady improvement of people ' s living standards , urban residents have higher and higher requirements for the environment and quality of life . chinese local governments pay more attention to the construction and improvement of public facilities to better meet people ' s needs . by building new squares , parks , and public green spaces or redesigning existing public spaces , many cities have provided more places for citizens to relax and socialize . nowadays , government - funded purchases of fitness equipment and paved fitness trails can be seen everywhere in many cities , which not only significantly improve the conditions for citizens ' outdoor activities , but also make the city more beautiful .


education has played an increasingly crucial role in modern so-ciety. we aim education on different levels at cultivating the to-be successors of our global village. one important goal that education is trying to achieve is help students master the ways to acquire knowledge.

of all the capabilities one can develop to acquire knowledge in being educated, three sorts are of the greatest significance.first of all, students who are receiving education definitely know that they are always ignorant of some branches in th eocean of knowledge, which can keep them modest and more willing to explore their unfamiliar realms, even deeper if they've already done so. moreover, students can imitate what their teachers or professors do in or our of class and then gradually acquire the ability to undertake more scientific re-search and intellectual inquiries alone. last but not least,youngsters who are accustomed to being educated at school or college are more likely to keep studying as a life-long habit,which will have a substantially positive effect on their own life and the future of the human world.

in my perspective, education is one of the most marvelous social inventions that ever existed in human history. without it, the whole globe can never continue developing further in a civilized and prosperous direction.


when faced with differing opinions, we should try to reach agreement through friendly discussion and reasonable argu-ment. in our daily life, it is common to see college students struggling with a polite and logical way when their views differ from others'. apparently, this issue has sparked public con-cerns.

friendly discussion allows individuals to share their perspec-tives and opinions in a respectful manner. this can lead to a better understanding of each other's viewpoints and poten-tially even finding common ground. in addition, reasonable ar-gument allows individuals to present evidence and logic to sup-port their position, which can help persuade others to see their point of view. however, it is important to note that not all disagreements can be resolved through discussion and argu-ment alone. in some cases, compromise may be necessary to reach a resolution that satisfies all parties involved.

to sum up, friendly discussion and reasonable argument, to a large extent, are of great use. we should be open-minded and engaged in such practices.


mental well-being is regarded as a state of health where a person is able to address normal stresses in daily life. recently,this state has been grasped as much attention as physical health.

obviously, there are several factors that affect people's mental well-being. firstly, a strong contributor to mental well-being refers to the state of a person's usual environ-ment. adverse environmental circumstances can lea negative effects on psychological wellness. living in a positive social environment, in contrast, can provide protection against mental challenges. secondly, people's lifestyle can also impact their mental health. smoking, a poor diet, alcohol con-sumption, substance use, and risky sexual behavior may result in psychological harm. smoking, a poor diet, alcohol consump-tion, substance use, and risky sexual behavior may result in psychological harm. worse, such behaviors have been linked to depression.

in conclusion, because mental health is so important to general wellness, it's important that you take care of your mental health. talking therapy, meditation and maintaining a positive outlook on life all contribute to people mental health. with a positive mental state, all areas of life will go towards active de-velopment.