scientists recently examined studies on dog intelligence ..

26.n surpass 

27.k previously 

28.o volumn 

29.m prove 

30.a affirmed 

31.g formidable 

32.d differentiate 

33.e distinct 

34.c completely 

35.i overstated 


imagine sitting down to a big dinner ...

26.h indulging 

27.i innumerable 

28.j morality 

29.a attributes 

30.k odds 

31.m regulatory 

32.g inclined 

33.n still 

34.e diminishing 

35.b comprised 


you might not know yourself as wellasyouthink ...

26.l relatively 

27.i probes 

28.a activated 

29.k recall 

30.d consecutive 

31.c assessment 

32.g discrepancy 

33.e cues 

34.j random 

35.o terminate 


36. one tiny american college situated on a cattle farm is devoted to educating students to serve mankind throughout their lives .

[ g ] with only 26 students ...

37. much to the author ' s disappointment , the three institutions of higher learning where she taught largely ignore students ' growth as social beings .

[ d ] i ' ve had the priviledge of ...

38. tiny colleges must be made affordable in order to play a role in higher education .

[ j 】 the average tuition at a small ...

39. according to a recent graduate from a tiny college , living together with faculty and fellow students is conducive to a student ' s growth as a person .

[ h ]" living in close community ...

40. rather than going small , most american universities are trying to gobig .

[ b ] inhigher education the trend ...

41. in a certain tiny college , rigorous academie work and traditional manual labor are integrated.

[ i ] sterling college , in craftsbury common ...

42. tiny colleges focus on educating students to become well - rounded citizens instead of seeking their own expansion .

【 c 】 tiny colleges focus not just on ...

43. the essence of education lies in the interaction between people

[ l ] the " trick " to making tiny colleges ...

44. after her retirement , the author has decided to set up a tiny college in her hometown .

[ e 】 having just retired from teaching at a ...

45. tiny colleges are justified as it is believed that our growth into ful humanity comes through interaction with people near and dear to us .

【 n ] the ultimate justification for a tiny college ...


36. it does us far more good to focus on things we can be grateful for than what makesus sad and resentful .

[ c ] defoe ' s masterpiece , which is often ...

37.the beneficial impacts of gratitude can extend from individuals to their community and to a the wider society .

[ g ] there are multiple explanations ...

38. the participants in a recent study repeatedly underestimated the positive effect on those who received thank - you notes .

[ a ] gratitude may be more beneficial 

39. good deeds can sometimes make people feel uncomfortable .

[ i ] of course , act of kindness can also ...

40. people who regularly express gratitude can benefit in moraliterms .

[ f ] recent scientific studies support ...

41. a basketball coach advocated performing generous acts without expecting anything in return .

[ k ] reflecting on generosity and gratitude ...

42. more and more evidence shows it makes us mentally and physically healthier to routinely 

count our blessings .

[ d ] when we focus on the things ....

43. of all states of mind , feeling grateful is considered one of the most healthy and beneficial .

[ m ] when defoe depicted robinson ....

44. the principles underlying the research into gratitude are nothing new at all .

[ b ] while this research into ...

45. gratitude is likely to enhance one ' s sense of being connected with other people .

[ h ] gratitude also tends to strengthens a sense ...


36. socially prescribed perfectionism is described as one ' s self - esteem depending on other people ' s opinion .

[ e ] curran describes socially prescribed ...

37. jessica pryor has learned that some graduate students work such long hours in the lab that they have little time for entertainment or socializing .

[ a ] when psychologist jessica pryor ...

38. the author believes perfectionism may sometimes be constructive .

[ f ] perfectionism can , of course , be ...

39. it is found that perfectionism is getting more and more prevalent among college students .

[ c ] what ' s more , perfectionism ...

40. some experts suggest parents and educators should prepare students for failures .

[ h ] while educators and parents have ...

41. some therapists warn that young adults tend to pursue perfection in their work .

[ b ] along with other therapists ...

42. psychologist amy bach encourages her students to aim high but be content with something less than perfect .

[1] bach , who sees many students ....

43. a clinical psychologist finds perfectionism is widespread among his clients .

[ e ] curan describes socially prescribed ...

44. in trying to overcome perfectionism , some people are still pursuing perfection .

[ k ] brustein likes to get his perfectionist clients to create ....

45. in pursuing perfection , some perfectionists fail to complete their tasks on time 

[ g ] brustein says his perfectionist clients ...



education has played an increasingly crucial role in modern so-ciety. we aim education on different levels at cultivating the to-be successors of our global village. one important goal that education is trying to achieve is help students master the ways to acquire knowledge.

of all the capabilities one can develop to acquire knowledge in being educated, three sorts are of the greatest significance.first of all, students who are receiving education definitely know that they are always ignorant of some branches in th eocean of knowledge, which can keep them modest and more willing to explore their unfamiliar realms, even deeper if they've already done so. moreover, students can imitate what their teachers or professors do in or our of class and then gradually acquire the ability to undertake more scientific re-search and intellectual inquiries alone. last but not least,youngsters who are accustomed to being educated at school or college are more likely to keep studying as a life-long habit,which will have a substantially positive effect on their own life and the future of the human world.

in my perspective, education is one of the most marvelous social inventions that ever existed in human history. without it, the whole globe can never continue developing further in a civilized and prosperous direction.


mental well-being is regarded as a state of health where a person is able to address normal stresses in daily life. recently,this state has been grasped as much attention as physical health.

obviously, there are several factors that affect people's mental well-being. firstly, a strong contributor to mental well-being refers to the state of a person's usual environ-ment. adverse environmental circumstances can lea negative effects on psychological wellness. living in a positive social environment, in contrast, can provide protection against mental challenges. secondly, people's lifestyle can also impact their mental health. smoking, a poor diet, alcohol con-sumption, substance use, and risky sexual behavior may result in psychological harm. smoking, a poor diet, alcohol consump-tion, substance use, and risky sexual behavior may result in psychological harm. worse, such behaviors have been linked to depression.

in conclusion, because mental health is so important to general wellness, it's important that you take care of your mental health. talking therapy, meditation and maintaining a positive outlook on life all contribute to people mental health. with a positive mental state, all areas of life will go towards active de-velopment.



in recent years, the chinese cities have accelerated their development, considerably improving the living environmentof their citizens. many cities explore with great efforts the path to high-quality development with chinese characteris-tics, with urban functions continuously improved and man-agement levels conspicuously raised. china ceaselessly con-ducts urban ecological restoration and functional repair,fully implements the renovation of old residential communi-ties, vigorously promotes urban landscaping, reduces pollu-tion, forcefully advances the systematic construction of urban infrastructure, and carries out the general survey of houses and public facilities as well as the investigation and prevention of potential safety hazard so as to create a high-quality dwelling environment for citizens and make the city prettier, safer and more suitable for living.