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46.(a)theyconsider such exercises annoying.

47.(b)they rearranged staff office and space.

48.(d)they were regarded as an instruction into employees‘private lives.

49.(b)by applying it to employees who volunteer to participate.

50.(d)they have to be applied cautiously to be effective.


51.(a)to combat the county’s homeless.

52.(c)they are responsible for their own condition.

53.(a)they find it increasing difficult to afford a place to live.

54.(c)the increase in new housing falls short of the demand of the growing homeless population.

55.(d)they no longer find it shocking.



46.(b)they have been losing and profits.

47.(b)it originated in the unite states.

48.(d)they revolutionized the distribution of goods.

49.(c)induce customers to make more unplanned purchases.

50.(a)they use tricky strategies to promote their business.


51.(a)students neededs to help farm work.

52(d)it will strengthen their relationship with teacher.

53.(d)it contributes to students‘healthy growth.

54.(a)it does little good to most students.




b reward for industriousness

a qualities of life flower

a moral principle

d affluent enjoy at expense of the poor.

c create more public space.


b more ambitious than ordinary.

a ambitious people may not have greater chance of success.

b be able to adopt to new stuation

c the end of career.

d prioritize health and happiness overmaterial success



36-40 fcjeb

41-45 lgdil

36.[ f ] today , the dancers travel across chinatown going from business to business to bring good luck for the coming

year .

37.[ c ] but the club also acts as a recreation center and safe haven (庇护所) for teenagers , with video games readily available .

38.[ j ] but what makes you a competent lion dancer is that there ' s a sense of imagination involved .

39.[ e ] it is believed that the lion dance began in the third century . stories vary about how lion dancing came to be , but most of them include a monster named nian who would terrorize a village .

40.{ b ] teenagers comprise about half of the group , many of whom began lion dancing at the age of 14.

41.[ l ] i value my culture and tradition , being chinese or asian - americanl have a lot of pride in that , he said .

42.[ g ] as one person controls the head , a second follows under a train of fabric representing the body .

43.[ d ]" we ' re abigfamily " he said , shaking hands with other members as they walked through the doors you know everyone .

44.{ i ] mr.chan , who has been involved with the club for nearly 50 years , said that passing the dance from one generation to the next was vital .

45.{ l ] mr.le comes by the dance as a legacy (传承)." t was born intoit " mr.le said , noting that his uncle and father were club members .



the spoken web


36-40 fkhdj

41-45 mcgej

36.[ f ] the service was designed to be cheap and easy to runsays mr dittoh.

37.[ k ] doctors completing online forms about their patients by speech for exampleca……

38.[ h ] even turning your voice into text - autornatic speech recognition - isoneofthe

39.[ d ] that is the situation facing illiterate african farmers . they are often denied crucial information the web offers many others .

40.[ j ] cthey worry assistants will one day be used to deliver advertising directly to us .

41.[ m ] usingvoicealso makes sensewhen you ' re doing other things with your hands .

42.[ c ] somethinkvoicecould soon takeove from typing and clicking as the main way to interactonline .

43.[ g ] but building the spoken we - web - to veiceand-voice-to - web  isn 't straight forward .

44.[ e ] yet knowing when it's going to rain is vital for farmers wanting to sow seedsirrigate ....

45.[ j ] our phones are always near us and they are collecting data about us……


36-40 gldam

41-45 jfchk

36[ g ] increased digital access for fansa , a more beh - nind - the - scenes experience for broadcast viewers and inno - vation in areas like virtual reality - what is it like to sped around a track inside a  perrari are among the possibilities .

37[ l ] he recalled attending formula one ' s monaco race last year and being overwhelmed by the ceremony leading up to the event , the way the race charmed the city for days ahead of the start .

38[ d ] among the goals , carey said in an interview on tuesday , is one that just abou tevery global sport seems in - terested in chasing : increasing interest in the united states .

39[ a ] for the past four decades the leader of formula one car racing , one of the biggest annual sporting series in the world , was bernie eccle - stone , a former motorcycle parts  dealer who built it into an international presence essentially on his own .

40[ m ] he was fascinated ." you can ' t help but be awed ," he said ," and i think that feeling can be translated to the viewer ."

41[ j ] at fox broadcasting company , he was a top advisor for years , known for his skill in helping to lead the launch of the company into sports , as well as the start of fox news channel .

42[ f ]... and second , alter the way fans experience the within the sport both in person and remotely , so that con - nections between the audience and people within the series are easier to make .

43[ c ]… chase carey - a former executive with fox broad - casting company and direc tv who by his own admission is not a fierce racing fan ……

44[ h ] the larger question , though , is a familiar one : is there room for formula one in the ever - crowded sports landscape of the united states ? opinions vary , particularly because viewing habits among consumers continue to evolve .

45[ k ] it ' s about speed , danger and risk . and formula one has that more than any other racing series .




26-30 gndfh

31-35 kecim

26. g) daily

27. n) symptoms

28. d) classified

29. f) come

30. h) definitely

31. k) inactive

32. e) clearing

33. c) bond

34.i) distractions

35.m) reaping


26-30: h o i n c; 31-35:l d m a g

26.h located

27.0 scheduled

28.1 mostly

29.n rising

30.c crucial

31.l pioneer

32.d depend

33.m potential

34. a affordable

35.g just


26-30 l b e n f

31-35 0cikm

26.l sew

27.b abundant

28.e exact

29.n statistics

30.f increasingly

31.o textile

32.c awareness

33.i nearly

34.k reducing

35.m shrink



1.a)a man was bitten by a snake.

2. d) who owned the snake.

3. a) taking her trash out in fancy dresses.

4. b) to amuse people.

5.c) have a meal even if they have no money.

6.c) it originated from a donation to her staff.

7.b) more people have been giving than taking.

8.a) he is a psychologist.

9. d) why friends break off contact all of a sudden.

10. c) they scream to get their parents back..

11. a) they may regard any difference as the end of a relationship.

12.c) their quality.

14.b) they are natural.

16. a) he desires more in life.

13.a) jeans are a typicat american garment.

15.d) they are worth the price.

17. d) it is relatively predictable.

18. d) they are too simple.

19. b) it can help connect people.

20. b) make them more open to learning.

21. c) convey fundamental values.

22. b) immigrants have been contributing to the u.s.

23. d) more of them are successful business people.

24. c) their level of debt is lower than that of native born americans.

25. a) keep their traditional values and old habits.


1. d) she was accused of violating a city law.

2. a) it will take time to solve the rat problem.

3. b) work in an environrment resembling mars.

4. a) ready-made food.

5.c) he bit a softball player s olympic gold medal..

6.d) pay for the cost of a new one.

7.c) treat them as treasures.

8. a) she covered its screen with a plastic sheet.

9.b) it includes unnatural light.

10.d) he has been burdened with excessive work.

11.b) sleep may be more important than people. assumod.

12.a) what they wanted to be when grown up. 13.c) a mechanical engineer.

14.c) imaginative.

15.b) help their kids understand themselves.

16. d) promote internet-ready phones

17. a) they cater to africans needs

18. b) an old-school keypad.

19. c) it was cheaper than using fossil fuel plastic.

20. d) a rapid increase in u.s. petroleum chemical production.

21. d) take measures to promote the use of recycled plastic.

22. b) it rents a place for nap-takers.

23. c) to understand the obvious importance of napping

24. b) they depend on his ability to concentrate.

25. a) some bosses associate napping with laziness.



nowadays community service has been placed more importance in our society. as aging society and empty-nest elderly has been proliferating in the entire society, it calls for

community service to assist in tending to the elderly and pre-school children.

to ensure high-quality community service,relevant administrationshould take the lead in

putting forward regulations and order to promote a cooperating environment, so that the

community staff can better carry out their work, or engage more people to join their cause, for example, organizing voluntary team to help with caring for the elderly residents and pre-school children in the community. in this way, the community as a whole can enjoy a more

harmonious and secured rapport, which serves as the basis of any possible development.

taking into account what has been mentioned, concerted efforts in the whole society are needed to promote the community’s ability to enhance their service.



the chinese government has been emphasizing compulsory education all the time, making it available to each and every child. since "law of compulsory education" came intoforce in 1986, the authorities have made relentless efforts to achieve the goal of compulsory education for all. nowa-days, the chinese children start school at 6 and receive 9-year compulsory education from the primary school to the junior middle school. in the autumn of 2008, free compulsory education took effect. with the implementation of a series of educational reforms, the quality of china's compulsory education has been considerably improved.



friendship is an indispensable thing in our lives. on our long journey of life, we will encounter various people and make various friends. we should learn how to maintain good friendships with friends or classmates and experience the benefits that friendship brings to us.

in daily life, we can demonstrate the good character of being helpful when our friends or classmates encounter difficulties, and comfort them when they are feeling down. this is beneficial for maintaining friendship between both parties.

having good friendships and getting along well and harmoniously with friends can help us achieve success in our studies. when encountering difficulties in learning, we can not only seek the help of teachers, but also seek the help of friends and classmates. their answers are also the key to our success in learning. in addition, when encountering difficulties in life that you cannot solve, attentive and enthusiastic friends will also bring warmth to you, which will be something worth remembering for a lifetime.

in short, friendship is an essential thing in our lives, and with it, our path of life can be smoother.



the chinese government attaches progressively more importance to life-long education. developing continuing edu-cation is an effective way to build life-long education. with advanced ideas and abundant teaching resources, high tech-nology as the basis of talent cultivation should be regardedas main body of adult education. in recent years, many colleges and universities have found a new developmental way of continuing education that is suitable to china's national conditions by meeting social needs and communicating with employers, so as to ensure continuing education a a greaterrole in the national strategy.